Ferrari 599XX EVO

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The 599XX EVO is the hardest 599 ever built. The glorious 6.0 litre V12 has been pumped up to 750 BHP.

Only 6 EVO cars were built new, of which this one is number 5. The cars were produced and delivered during 2012. This car was delivered in November 2012 during the Ferrari World Finals in Valencia. In 2013 the car has participated in 6 of the 8 Ferrari Corse Clienti events and in 2014 the car has only participated in the World Finals in Abu Dhabi, due to the fact that in 2014 the Owner has purchased a F1 car.

In total 33 Ferrari 599XX cars were built. After the EVO was released the XX owners were offered an upgrade package to EVO, which was purchased by about 50% of the owners. This makes the 599 XX EVO a rare & limited car with only 6 original EVO and around 15 upgraded to EVO.

The car has always been stored in the Ferrari premises in Maranello. All maintenance services have been carried out by Ferrari. The owner of a 599XX can chose where to keep his car and where and when to use it. In the Ferrari Corse Clienti program 8 events are organized at impressive race tracks around the world. This is an exclusive program to owners of 599XX, Enzo FXX and F1 cars.

The specification of the Ferrari 599 XX EVO is as follows:


Length: 4.79 m
Width:  1.97 m
Height: 1.28 m
Dry weight: 1.345 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 90 litres


Front 29/67 R19
Rear 31/71 R19


Front and Rear  2nd Generation Racing Carbon-Ceramic Materials


V12 – 5.000 cm3
Bore/stroke 92 x 75,2 mm
Total displacement 5999 cm3


750 hp – Torque: 686 Nm

Information from the Ferrari website:

As part of the non-competitive activity run by Maranello’s Corse Clienti department, there are two technical collaboration programmes involving a select group of owners who have acquired a Ferrari FXX or a 599XX, produced exclusively for track use. Taking their names from the car models, these two special research and development programmes involve the “owner-test drivers” at events organised by Ferrari at some of the most famous race tracks in Europe, Asia and North America, with the aid of a group of engineers and a team of professional drivers.

These special instructors bring all their experience to bear in explaining how to finesse driving technique, choosing the right lines and the general management of the car. The track sessions begins with an installation lap, followed by two timed laps and then moves forward based on the preference of the individual driver. An in depth debrief always follows the driving, because the roles of these particular test drivers is carefully evaluated by the engineers. In fact, the test represents a chance to improve for those at the wheel and also brings a font of knowledge to those who will go on to design the Ferraris of the future. The owners can also use their cars in private sessions on various tracks and, if they wish, the cars can be left at Maranello and delivered to each event by Ferrari transportation. The livery of these limited edition cars can be personalised to meet specific requests of the owners who provide valuable information and acquire data that is aimed at continuous evolution. Thanks to the application of a specific kit based on these principles, the FXX Programmes - started in 2006 – and the 599XX – born in 2010 – will be continued also in the current season.